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Open Positions [July/2021]

Flight Controls Software Specialist

The Flight Controls team is looking to an enthusiastic new member to join as a software specialist. The flight controls team is responsible for parachute deployment, altitude readings, flight data and filters, communications with the ground and any other electronics/software necessary for the flight of the rocket. Some background experience in Machine Learning/Data Science would be a plus for the role. Click the link below to apply and even if you don’t check all the boxes but are eager to learn, then we highly encourage you to apply!

Ground Controls Software Specialist

The Ground Controls Team is looking for software specialists with experience in data visualization. In this project, we are creating a real-time communication system with our avionics from ground, using Lora technology. Experience in Arduino and low-level languages is preferred. Background in web development is a plus. Our position is open for all software enthusiasts from all levels of study !!!

Payload Principle Researcher

We hope to launch a rocket to 3km in the next year and it will carry an 8.8 pound payload that will house an experiment. The options for the experiment are pretty open ended and we get to run it at a high altitude, acceleration, and velocity onboard the rocket! We are looking for someone with research experience to help us design, develop and run the experiment. We are especially interested in graduate students; but, the position is open to all McMaster students.

Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager is responsible for creating Instagram, Facebook and website posts for our team and for communicating with potential sponsors and partners as well as potential new members over social media. Reporting to the Director of Marketing, they will manage our social media campaigns and design posts to best showcase our teams efforts.

Director of Marketing

The Director of Marketing is responsible for ensuring the teams efforts are noticed by potential sponsors, new members, partners and by the general public. This work includes social media campaigns, events, publications and more.

Director of Sponsorship

The Director of Sponsorship is responsible for leading the effort to acquire and keep sponsorships from companies and organizations. These tasks include contacting new sponsor, creating information documents, ensuring we are delivering on our commitment to our sponsors, running events and more. The position is open to all faculties.