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Open Positions [September/2021]

General Engineering Application

Our payload team fall challenge is our main entry point this year for engineering roles. Learn engineering and team skills while designing and prototyping a payload design for our rocket. Learn skills in mechanical, electrical, software and/or controls engineering based on your own interests. Once the challenge is done and you have shown you are dedicated to the team, you will have the opportunity to join the rest of our teams or stay on payload and build the final design!

Operations/Business Team

We are growing our operations group and recruiting several roles including Vice President of Operations, Director of Sponsorship, Director of Marketing, Social Media Manager, Finance, photography/videography, marketing, events, and sponsorship outreach. Application for all positions below.

Airframe Mechanical Designer

The Airframe team builds the physical rocket structure. We are recruiting 2 mechanical designer roles for airframe. These roles entail researching design concepts, working with Solidworks to design components and assemblies, performing FEA, material selection and manufacturing.

Project Manager – 2022 Rocket

The project manager will be responsible for ensuring the 2022 rocket is completed successfully and meets all deadlines. Reporting to the Team Captain, the project manager is responsible for creating timelines and cycles, communicating with sub-team leads, leading the effort on design reports and status updates, ensuring timely parts and materials sourcing, ensuring proper integration, ensuring the project meets the rules and requirements of the competition and any other tasks assigned by the Team Captain. The ideal candidate will have previous project management experience and would be able to contribute 10+ hours per week.